Glamora designs and realizes revolutionary vinyl wallcoverings for interior decoration, which are produced digitally. Created to meet the trend for further expression in interior decoration, designers are allowed to develop unusual and innovative environments that reflect their clients’ requirements.

Thanks to the creative value and versatility of the designs, Glamora is the best solution for producing new identities and distinctive looks, or just for adding an interesting feature to existing environments.

The difference of Glamora

Tailor-made customization: all catalogue designs are able to be modified and specifically adapt to a space, harmoniously matching the colours and mood of the interior and it’s furnishings.

Furthermore, Glamora can turn your own images (photographs, illustrations and graphic designs) into a wallcovering and use them to develop a brand-new, unique design according to specified instructions.

Graphic simulations: these visual proposals  allow clients to view any options for our solutions before a wallcovering is fabricated. In this way it is easier to imagine what will best fit your requirements.

Installation: our wallcoverings are very easy to apply and, upon demand, we can supply our very own team of decorators to perform the installation. Stripping is also a very simple process, since our wallcoverings can be removed without the use of solvents or any other tools.