One World Trade Center NYC

New York - 2015


Gensler NYC

The Wallcovering Project

One World Trade Center - New York
Glamora Wallcoverings reach higher and higher goals. One World Trade Center is the main skyscraper of the New World Trade Center, which was built on the location of the New York Twin Towers and it is open to the public starting from the summer of 2015. Also known as Freedom Center, it is the fourth most high-rise skyscraper as well as tallest one in the occidental hemisphere.

Gensler – one of the greatest and most important network in the world of architecture and design – has chosen Glamora’s Wallpapers for the High 5 Games offices, an innovative society in the videogames sector. The optical graphic of Phaze, drawn by Karim Rashid, the urban landscape of Schizoid, the comic-like superheroes of Comixology are the themes that have been selected among Glamora’s wallpapers to customize different spaces, thus characterizing each room with special style and sensations.

One World Trade Center - New York
One World Trade Center - New York