designer / Glamora, Alizarina Studio, PG Architecture

The Collection IX is designed for the innovative wallcovering GlamFusion™ and develops vegetal motifs through macro graphics, vanishing shadows and abstract signs which range from the exotic atmosphere of the tropical jungle to oversized flower grasslands.

Light On A Prism


Capsule collection dedicated to GLAM-METAL– the wallcovering that lends architectural surfaces the iridescent reflection of metal and allure silk.

designer / Glamora

Iridescent ripples, fluid nuances and sudden flashes that alternate barely visible transparencies, in an infinite game of light and colour.


designer / Glamora

"...Si abres los ojos, se abre la noche de puertas de musgo, se abre el reino secreto del agua que mana del centro de la noche. Y si los cierras, un río, una corriente dulce y silenciosa, te inunda por dentro, avanza, te hace oscura: la noche moja riberas en tu alma" _Octavio Paz.


designer / Glamora

Weaves of colours, lines and geometries that convey age-old traditions, incredible legends, mystical stories, tales of journeys, adventures and meetings with far-off cultures, travelling through time, near and far.


designer / Glamora

Refined splendours, ancient rituals, infinite variations of colours, weaves and designs, to decorate the space with a complex and wonderful code that dialogues directly with both heart and soul.


designer / Glamora

The sliding panels of traditional Japanese homes are dynamic decorative elements that represent a metaphor for change, just like the elements in this series, which redefine the atmosphere of every space with a sense of lightness and transformation.


designer / Glamora

Soft and sinuous patterns, like foulards fluttering in a light breeze and worn with nonchalance, tell of sophisticated atmospheres and timeless bourgeois charm.


designer / Glamora

Tactile sensations arising from the meeting of different surfaces create unique visual sensations. From the rough effect of textile weaves to coarse tactile appearances, from clean incisions to irregular layering, like in a piece of contemporary art.

A Room With A View

designer / Glamora

Once upon a time travellers would sketch views of the places they visited in their notebooks. Pages packed with memories, fragrances, flavours and emotions that travel the entire world. From the heart of Milan to Japan, along the canals of Venice or in luxuriant English gardens.

The Secret Garden

designer / Glamora

Like in a Victorian mystery novel, high walls covered with vines surround a secret garden inhabited by soft watercolour tones, delicate light and shade effects, poetic compositions of plants and flowers.


designer / Glamora

A collection that recreates the atmospheres of the great opera houses, giving them a contemporary twist in terms of aesthetics and feel to transform the surrounding environment.


designer / Glamora

A metaphor for entering a secret literary and architectural world, the Milanese ‘androni’ (entrance halls) of the first half of the 20th century are one of the city’s most distinctive symbols with their intarsia, stone and marble, which create harmonious geometries exuding grandeur and solemnity.


designer / Glamora

The evanescence of forms and colours is the underlying theme of this collection, in which natural and metropolitan landscapes appear transformed, like the memories of dreams that come back to us during the day.


designer / Glamora

Intriguing details of precious fabrics. Sudden flashes of light alternate with barely perceptible transparencies that conceal natural landscapes and forms. Weaves with soft and warm colour shades in an absorbing and never-ending play.


designer / Glamora

From the culture of indigenous peoples to contemporary spaces. Mystical paintings made up of myriad dots that form circles and tight grids, reproducing the itineraries and stop-offs on the journeys taken by our ancestors.


designer / Glamora

Geometrical elements and transparencies that stand out against the backdrop of warm 1960’s Californian atmospheres. A colourful and positive dream that combines classical tones with highly contemporary graphic design techniques.

Natural Forms

designer / Glamora

Intricate and mysterious branch and leaf designs give walls new meaning, bringing them to life and imbuing them with a sense of constant transformation.


designer / Glamora

A map of an imaginary metropolis where lines, circles and diamonds meet and overlap like in a constructivist graphic. Creative languages without theorems and preconceived calculations.


designer / Glamora

Fragments of underwater worlds that elicit new emotions and reveal forms of coral, fish and aquatic plants that, like in a still image, become decorations.

Geometrie Vegetali

designer / Glamora

The mutability of nature interpreted through graphical patterns that, repeated ad infinitum, create architectures full of rhythm and vitality with lines and tones that are either clearly distinct or softened in delicate nuances.

En Plein Air

designer / Glamora

Enjoying a timeless holiday on the French Riviera, at one with its stunning natural environment and architecture. Unparalleled elegance that revives the sensual and luxurious atmospheres of cult films like La Piscine by Jacques Deray.


designer / Glamora

As on a sunny summer afternoon, shadows of trees and leaves are projected onto surfaces of various natures, giving a material form to another perspective on the world around us.


designer / Marco Piva

The planet that we live on, from the viewpoint of a project supervisor, graphicised in signs and colours, and finally transferred from a horizontal dimension to the vertical quality of walls.


designer / Glamora

The fresco, the most classical of painting techniques, becomes the inspiration for a design that adorns walls with visions and references from throughout the ages. From the classical to the exotic, with a refined, well-worn spirit.


designer / Glamora

Sedimentation and stratification enlarge to become graphical elements. Tales sculpted in stone, deep impressions for lightness of being.


designer / Glamora

Forms of life that re-emerge, overcoming the barrier of time, to make their arrival in contemporary space. A discovery to be made every day, in the most diverse settings.


designer / Glamora

Tribally inspired motifs become elements in a visual universe expressed through the graphic and chromatic language of nature, free from cultural barriers or limitations to setting.


designer / Glamora

Bygone video games come back to life for emotional impact, in a captivating contrast between digital technology and an alphabet of signs, forms and colours.


designer / Wilson Ortiz

A view through the window of a car in motion. A scene from an action film. A current affairs report from a metropolis in the new world. Artistic subjects for unconventional settings.


designer / Glamora

Visions of rocks, leaves and branches through a diaphanous veil of water. A romantic view of nature, interpreted through the use of various painting techniques, from watercolours to matter.


designer / Glamora

From the notebook of a traveller of times gone by, to the walls of a contemporary space. Tales of life and architecture from the world over, like an anthology of captivating stories.


designer / Massimo Caccia

Blocks of colour and strong borders, for illustrations that recall the world of pop art in comics and tell fun, surreal stories. An artistic design that won’t pass unnoticed.

Tropical Deco

designer / Glamora

A cocktail of exotic motifs and surfaces with an industrial flavour, to relive the mythical atmosphere of the thirties, making even the most contemporary environments extraordinary and intriguing.


designer / Glamora

Adorning spaces with a refined elegance and tailored creation style, choosing from the classic pinstripe, the timeless Glen check and other fabric weaves, with a contemporary twist.

Studio 54

designer / Glamora

From disco to new wave, echoes of an innovative, engaging period meet new graphical takes on pop. To live life as a party and make even the most classic settings unorthodox.


designer / Glamora

The act of the hand that writes generates emotions and sensations that go beyond words. The wall becomes a sheet of paper for jotting down memories, phrases and thoughts that echo through space.


designer / Glamora

The pictorial world of Henri Rousseau, aka the “Customs Officer”, precursor of French symbolism, inspired a vision of leaves that trace out sinuous motifs, a play of light and shade that fascinates as does a mystery.


designer / Glamora

The graphical use of the black on light surfaces is the common thread running through extremely different artistic worlds, from Japanese tradition to the New York of Keith Haring, creating gratifyingly unusual situations.


designer / Glamora

Someone once said that music is an invisible sculpture: a concept in harmony with this project, in which slender geometrical or nature-inspired figures trace out 3D tone-on-tone motifs.


designer / Glamora

From overalls to haute couture collections, denim cuts across the history of dress and world culture. An unmistakeable texture that finds new interpretations also as an architectural element.


designer / Glamora

The beating of butterfly wings symbolises an ephemeral moment of beauty, an instant captured, enlarged and interpreted as the pattern of backlit kaleidoscope.


designer / Glamora

Emptiness is form. Shadow is reality. Concepts from eastern philosophy and art that become subjects for environments in keeping with the contemporary culture of “less is more”.


designer / Glamora

As in old posters for tourist destination or hotel labels, a world of solid colours and bold shading, by the sea or beneath the stars, all to explore and live in.


designer / Glamora

Gold, precious and alchemical metal, symbol of nobility and background to ancient mosaics and frescoes, engraved into delicate, elegant motifs. An emotion that, like the touch of king Midas, transforms and enhances every environment.


designer / Glamora

Time has impressed the forms of historic travel memorabilia onto middle-class wallpaper: a story as fascinating as a Victorian novel.


designer / Glamora

Illustrations of plants and flowers, similar to those in ancient botanical treatises, magnified as if through the lens of an impassioned librarian, to reach previously unimaginable dimensions.


designer / Holger Lippmann

Software-generated through a creative algorithm, these geometrical and chromatic motifs explore uncharted territory in the field of art and technology.


designer / Glamora

Marquetry, embroidery, macramé… a world of handicraft inspiring graphical motifs with a dreamlike touch, plus a historic flavour nonetheless surprisingly in keeping with the world of today.


designer / Glamora

Natural life in an interior: fruit, as the inspiration for situations that recall the collages of pop art, or the graphic design of the seventies, for original and spontaneous settings.


designer / Glamora

Geometry turning from exact science into an alternative, poetic vision composed of subtle and natural shades, overlapping textures and flowers and adding new emotional dimensions to space.


designer / Glamora

Leaves enlarged as in a macro photograph, but visually treated with a pictorial style and textures, to seek out a new nature in the contemporary habitat.


designer / Glamora

Flowers that become great protagonists in living, seen up close and projected onto expansive surfaces, in an unusual contrast between delicate beauty and industrial material quality.

Action Painting

designer / Glamora

The “action painting” technique of Jackson Pollock, among the greatest exponents of abstract expressionism of the 20th century, inspires a collection that transform the whole space into visual performance art.


designer / Glamora

Signs and surfaces that seem traced out with spray paint, playing on tone-on-tone combinations and graphical interventions, to create atmospheres both refined and industrial at the same time.


designer / Glamora

A collection designed to satisfy the desire for natural sensations in the contemporary habitat. The colours and the visual texture of bark merge with decorative graphic patterns and create vibrant emotions.


designer / Glamora

Traditional patterns and designs live again in contemporary spaces, like a dream with softened contours. A project based on delicate matching of shades, nuances and echoes of distant ages.

Classic But

designer / Glamora

Between memory and present, ancient illustrations and geometrical patterns give life to timeless emotions. Because, as Italo Calvino wrote, “a classic is a book that has never finished saying what it has to say.”

Dolce Vita

designer / Glamora

A new interpretation of the Italian style that takes its cue from images and decorations of ancient Rome. Perspectives, decorations and architectural scenarios turn everyday spaces into epic settings.


designer / Glamora

The universe of feminine emotions and passions becomes the protagonist of an interior design style made up of delicate colours, portraits of faces and dreamlike situations, sentences collected in an interior diary.


designer / Glamora

Wood, stone and metal create a brand-new mix of textures and colours, merging with space to give a new material character to the walls, between inspirations from nature and subtle metropolitan atmospheres.


designer / Glamora

From the overlapping of the fabrics belonging to the Forties’ textile tradition with urban illustrations, refined déjà-vu come to life and evoke refined and vaguely retro atmospheres.


designer / Glamora

The poetry of nature is the inspiration for a series of drawings where flower and plant patterns are interpreted differently, as delicate shades or as strong visual elements.


designer / Glamora

The effect of pixels enlarged on a computer screen characterises a graphically innovative collection, where images are interpreted through the gaze of digital technologies.


designer / Glamora

Graphic decorations which recall Art Nouveau style patterns frame natural landscapes or details of flowers and leaves, for an unprecedented effect of contrast and yet of harmony.

Retro Story

designer / Glamora

A new concept of vintage for today’s lifestyles and spaces from the processing and re-invention of historical images, from the memory archive of the forties and fifties.


designer / Glamora

Illustrations describing a casual, solar and smiling world, to be explored like a dream. A collection dedicated to those living with their head in the clouds.


designer / Glamora

Dedicated to those who think that life is an everyday journey, this collection depicts different situations creating a world of options for settings, from classic to modern spaces.


designer / Glamora

Unusual and almost dreamlike combinations of images of animals, flowers, plants and geometrical shapes, in delicate pastel shades, to give life to far from commonplace situations, in every respect.

Bubble Gum

designer / Glamora

A visual language born from the composition of graphic and typographic images inspired by the publishing of the sixties but reinterpreted in a contemporary light.


designer / Lorenzo Petrantoni

From the creativity of an Italian graphic designer and illustrator, a collection inspired by the passion for the nineteenth century, with surprising re-compositions of images from period manuals and books.


designer / Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas

Protagonist of design and architecture worldwide, Studio Fuksas has interpreted the wallcovering theme as a precious and regal robe, dressing and transforming the most diverse spaces.


designer / Nigel Coates

The unconventional spirit of the celebrated British designer and architect can be found in this wallcovering collection, where every subject tells a different and fascinating story.

Abstract Colors

designer / Alessandro Pautasso

Digital art and traditional painting techniques converge in this collection. Coloured neons and abstract graphics lend a new interpretation to the unmistakeable personality of some of the most famous stars of all time, from Marilyn Monroe to Humphrey Bogart.


designer / Celina de Guzman

Love, desire, nostalgia for the little things left behind. Feelings that are light yet profound at the same time, depicted in delicate colours, subtle lines and poetic traits, taking inspiration from everyday stories.


designer / Gina & Matt

Him and her, a pair of successful artists, combine their creativity to bring a collection that speaks many visual languages to life. Fantastic constellations and flowers to dwell beyond convention and clichés.

Spirit of Nature

designer / Gianluca Scolaro

Female portraits created with branches, leaves, pine needles and outlines of reed beds, as if the beauty of a woman’s face were reflected in nature, or vice versa. A metamorphosis that fascinates and astounds.


designer / PG Architecture

Illustration and architecture meet, as the two souls of a multifaceted project, bringing together the search for powerful emotions and for perfection in every detail. Each subject is designed to be unique and to convey a distinct identity.

Sweet Little Dots

designer / Silvia Betancourt

Lyrical and dreamlike, characterised by dotted lines and graphical textures, the style of this collection is inspired by publishing and contemporary illustrations, to design harmonious and welcoming environments.

Be Emotional

designer / Danny Ivan

A setting with bold colours, infused with a sense of dynamism and transformation. Unexpected geometry that engages all the senses. Hypnotic forms full of energy that express joie de vivre, enthusiasm and unconventionality.


designer / Karim Rashid

From the creativity of a leading light in international design, a collection that speaks the language of the digital era, with neon colours, optical effects and graphical tricks that transform any environment into a visual art installation.

An Illustrated Life

designer / Emiliano Ponzi

An internationally renowned Italian illustrator interprets the wallcovering in a conceptual, ironic and surreal fashion. Life stories that raise a smile and invite you to see things differently.

Colour In-Sight

designer / Andrea Castrignano

From the creative mind of a respected interior designer, author and presenter of DOCU-REALITY, a collection that expresses a positive philosophy of life and of the contemporary home through a harmonious use of form and colour.

Crashing Colors

designer / Ruud Van Eijk

Energetic, modern, eclectic: this collection is intended for spaces and personalities that stick out in a crowd, speaking a language inspired by digital art and metropolitan graffiti.


designer / Glamora

Wallpaper as large-scale designs and illustrative tables, to reveal the often surprising meanings of the most common objects. Because there’s always an in-depth study of form and function behind apparent simplicity.


designer / Glamora

Wallpaper as large-scale designs and illustrative tables, to reveal the often surprising meanings of the most common objects. Because there’s always an in-depth study of form and function behind apparent simplicity.


designer / Glamora

Forms of romanticism that don’t go out of fashion. Reading, images, memories on tactile textures. Delicate shades and light markings to illustrate a lyrical, dreamy interior world.


designer / Glamora

The subtle outline of branches, the geometry traced out by the veins for sap in leaves, the blossoming of flowers seen up close. Stylised plants that become graphic and pictorial motifs of great dimensions.


designer / Glamora

A different perspective on nature, like X-ray vision going beyond the surface and revealing unusual aspects of plants, flowers and animals, transforming them into faint, coloured forms.


designer / Glamora

From Hollywood to the British Invasion, from On the Road to New Wave, the evergreen icons of Pop culture are revisited with brand-new effects, using metropolitan idioms and textures.


designer / Glamora

The techniques of collage and watercolour blend into delicate, lyrical visions. Memories and references compose enveloping, dreamy atmospheres. A mix of Renaissance and 20th Century that creates a surprising effect.


designer / Glamora

At home or in shared environments, experience the appeal of the industrial landscape, among rough surfaces, faded text, torn posters, neon writing and elements inspired by Street Art.


designer / Glamora

Classic floral motifs, revisited with contemporary sensibility. Large figures dominating the wall, with an imposing presence that is nonetheless delicate and refined.


designer / Glamora


designer / Glamora

Ultra-light layers of colours, play of shade and transparency, essential geometry and decorative ornamentation. A universe of sensations and references that enhance the personality of every environment, with delicacy.


designer / Glamora

Ethnic motifs, vintage-style writing, black and white photos, metropolitan graffiti. A world of symbols and signs, interpreted in wall-graffiti style, to lend new energy and inspiration to the most diverse settings.


designer / Glamora

Places that tell stories, plots from real life or the imagination. Interior and exterior scenes in which everyone can feel themselves at the centre, as in a theatrical piece or auteur film.

Stripes & Squares

designer / Glamora

From the creative assembly of traditional decorative and visual elements comes a collection of subjects that reinterpret the spirit of wallpaper in a contemporary style.


designer / Glamora

A journey through memory starting from ancestral ages and arriving at the recent past, amid monumental visions, scenes from daily life, architectural landscapes and interior decor.


designer / Glamora

Fun, imaginative collages, amid memory and dreams. Historic postcards and collections of butterflies, hearts and flowers, for settings it’s easy to fall in love with at first sight.


designer / Glamora

A collection that brings the charm of old warehouses back to life, where precious and exotic goods, sacks of coffee and fine woods accumulated, with an effect somewhere between industrial and vintage.

Wall Script

designer / Glamora

The label on a pair of blue jeans, the writing on a box for packing, a tool wall: these are some of the subjects in this collection that transports industrial situations even into chic settings.

Here & There

designer / Glamora

Maps of a world to be explored, perhaps putting it together like a puzzle, discovering historic atlases or finding new perspectives on the planet where we live.


designer / Glamora

The charm of traditional Japan, as seen by the first western photographers in the 19th century, in delicate compositions of flowers and decorations.


designer / Glamora

Signs traced out in rapid strokes of watercolour, as in a sketch for an illustration or a scene, produce a fresh, dynamic effect, made of transparencies and colours.


designer / Glamora

Objects from daily life, technical drawings, photographs and geometric figures are multiplied, placed side by side and superimposed, to create surprising, original decorative layouts.

Classic Now

designer / Glamora

Inspired by fine wine labels, this collection interprets images from classic art or 20th-century photography, giving life to characteristic, refined atmospheres.


designer / Glamora

As in a film “on the road”, views of American landscapes from the 1950s–1970s, with graphics and colours that recall the film posters of the age.


designer / Lorena D’Ilio

This collection comes from the contamination of diverse styles, techniques and cultures and provides a modern interpretation of the fascination of ancient symbolic characters, leaving an unmistakeable sign.

Colour Blocking

designer / Emeline Tate

The love for colour of a British artist and designer gives life to a collection full of an explosive power invading all spaces and transmitting a feeling of energy and movement.

Paper Cut

designer / Glamora

Large-scale three-dimensional collages trace out fantastic landscapes, enigmatic geometry or exuberant settings, always with a touch of irony.


designer / Yong Bae Seok

Eastern imagination and western outlook overlap, in this collection that, with wit and imagination, disrupts a camouflage pattern, creating a highly original effect.


designer / Glamora

Touch, play and colour: the kids’ room turns into a creative laboratory where the only rule is to make way for dreaming and fun.

Magia Brasitalia

designer / Giada Schneck

A project that brings Mediterranean and Brazilian inspiration together, two sunny, imaginative worlds that meet to create a brand-new and engaging style, a unique magic without frontiers.