designer / Glamora, Alizarina Studio, PG Architecture

The Collection IX is designed for the innovative wallcovering GlamFusion™ and develops vegetal motifs through macro graphics, vanishing shadows and abstract signs which range from the exotic atmosphere of the tropical jungle to oversized flower grasslands.


designer / Marco Piva

The planet that we live on, from the viewpoint of a project supervisor, graphicised in signs and colours, and finally transferred from a horizontal dimension to the vertical quality of walls.


designer / Wilson Ortiz

A view through the window of a car in motion. A scene from an action film. A current affairs report from a metropolis in the new world. Artistic subjects for unconventional settings.


designer / Massimo Caccia

Blocks of colour and strong borders, for illustrations that recall the world of pop art in comics and tell fun, surreal stories. An artistic design that won’t pass unnoticed.


designer / Holger Lippmann

Software-generated through a creative algorithm, these geometrical and chromatic motifs explore uncharted territory in the field of art and technology.


designer / Lorenzo Petrantoni

From the creativity of an Italian graphic designer and illustrator, a collection inspired by the passion for the nineteenth century, with surprising re-compositions of images from period manuals and books.


designer / Doriana e Massimiliano Fuksas

Protagonist of design and architecture worldwide, Studio Fuksas has interpreted the wallcovering theme as a precious and regal robe, dressing and transforming the most diverse spaces.


designer / Nigel Coates

The unconventional spirit of the celebrated British designer and architect can be found in this wallcovering collection, where every subject tells a different and fascinating story.

Abstract Colors

designer / Alessandro Pautasso

Digital art and traditional painting techniques converge in this collection. Coloured neons and abstract graphics lend a new interpretation to the unmistakeable personality of some of the most famous stars of all time, from Marilyn Monroe to Humphrey Bogart.


designer / Celina de Guzman

Love, desire, nostalgia for the little things left behind. Feelings that are light yet profound at the same time, depicted in delicate colours, subtle lines and poetic traits, taking inspiration from everyday stories.


designer / Gina & Matt

Him and her, a pair of successful artists, combine their creativity to bring a collection that speaks many visual languages to life. Fantastic constellations and flowers to dwell beyond convention and clichés.

Spirit of Nature

designer / Gianluca Scolaro

Female portraits created with branches, leaves, pine needles and outlines of reed beds, as if the beauty of a woman’s face were reflected in nature, or vice versa. A metamorphosis that fascinates and astounds.


designer / PG Architecture

Illustration and architecture meet, as the two souls of a multifaceted project, bringing together the search for powerful emotions and for perfection in every detail. Each subject is designed to be unique and to convey a distinct identity.

Sweet Little Dots

designer / Silvia Betancourt

Lyrical and dreamlike, characterised by dotted lines and graphical textures, the style of this collection is inspired by publishing and contemporary illustrations, to design harmonious and welcoming environments.

Be Emotional

designer / Danny Ivan

A setting with bold colours, infused with a sense of dynamism and transformation. Unexpected geometry that engages all the senses. Hypnotic forms full of energy that express joie de vivre, enthusiasm and unconventionality.


designer / Karim Rashid

From the creativity of a leading light in international design, a collection that speaks the language of the digital era, with neon colours, optical effects and graphical tricks that transform any environment into a visual art installation.

An Illustrated Life

designer / Emiliano Ponzi

An internationally renowned Italian illustrator interprets the wallcovering in a conceptual, ironic and surreal fashion. Life stories that raise a smile and invite you to see things differently.

Colour In-Sight

designer / Andrea Castrignano

From the creative mind of a respected interior designer, author and presenter of DOCU-REALITY, a collection that expresses a positive philosophy of life and of the contemporary home through a harmonious use of form and colour.

Crashing Colors

designer / Ruud Van Eijk

Energetic, modern, eclectic: this collection is intended for spaces and personalities that stick out in a crowd, speaking a language inspired by digital art and metropolitan graffiti.


designer / Lorena D’Ilio

This collection comes from the contamination of diverse styles, techniques and cultures and provides a modern interpretation of the fascination of ancient symbolic characters, leaving an unmistakeable sign.

Colour Blocking

designer / Emeline Tate

The love for colour of a British artist and designer gives life to a collection full of an explosive power invading all spaces and transmitting a feeling of energy and movement.


designer / Yong Bae Seok

Eastern imagination and western outlook overlap, in this collection that, with wit and imagination, disrupts a camouflage pattern, creating a highly original effect.

Magia Brasitalia

designer / Giada Schneck

A project that brings Mediterranean and Brazilian inspiration together, two sunny, imaginative worlds that meet to create a brand-new and engaging style, a unique magic without frontiers.