Informative Cookie Policy

Cookies are codes stored on the browser which assist the Owner in the transmission of the service on the basis of the described finalities. Some of the finalities for the Cookie installation may require the consent of the User.

Technical and aggregate statistic Cookies 

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These Cookies allow us to save the session of the User to track other activities strictly connected to the correct functioning of the service,  such as the data traffic.

Save session of personal settings, optimizations and statistic data

This Application uses Cookies to save the navigation data and to optimize the User’s internet researches. Those Cookies are used to set the language and the currency  or to manage the data by the Owner of the website.

Other types of Cookies or third party Cookies 

Some of the Cookies listed hereunder gather statistic data and may require the User’s consent or may be directly managed by the Owner – as described – without any assistance of third-part Cookies. In case third party Cookies are present, they may be active to track the Users’ operations- even without the Owner’s knowledge. For more detailed information, we suggest that you visit the Cookie  privacy policy.

Statistic Data

The Cookies in this section allow the Owner of the Service to target and to analyze the traffic data useful to track the User’s behavior.

Google Analytics (Google Inc.)

Google Analytics is an analysis Cookie provided by Google Inc. (“Google”). Google uses and gathers Personal Data to track and analyze the use of this Application, fill out reports and share them with other services developed by Google. Google might use Personal Data to contextualize and customize its advertisements of its network.

Widget Video Youtube (Google Inc.)

Youtube is a video-sharing service by Google Inc. which allows this Application to integrate its content within their webpages.
Gathered Personal Data: Cookies and Application data

Processing area: USA – Privacy Policy

How can I control Cookies’ installation?

In addition to the information pointed out in this document, the Users can manage the Cookies preference directly on their browser set-up and they can prevent Third parties’ Cookies to be installed. Thanks to the browser’s preferences it is possible to delete the Cookies previously installed, including the ones used to save the consent for this website’s Cookies installation. Note that if you set your browser to disable all the Cookies, the may not be able to use this website correctly. Users can find useful information on how to set the Cookies in their browser and in the following address: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Windows Explorer. In case of services supplied by third parties, the User is entitled to reject the tracking by reading the privacy policy of the third party, by clicking on the “opt out” link if directly provided or by contacting the third party itself. Provided that, the Owner informs the User that he/she can use Online Choices. Thanks to this mean, it will be possible to set the tracking preferences of the majority of the advertising tools. The Owner, therefore, suggests that the Users use this tool in addition to the information provided by this document.

Owner of the Processing of Personal Data

Glamora S.r.l. – Via Berna 12/14 – 41049 Sassuolo (MO) Italy Since the Cookie installation and other tracking systems carried out by third parties through the services used in this Application and it cannot be technically controlled by the Owner, every specific reference to Cookies and tracking system has to be considered as indicative. To obtain exhaustive information, please check the privacy policy of possible third services listed in this document. In consideration of the objective complexity of the technologies based on Cookies and on their strict correlation with the web functioning, the User is invited to get in touch with the Owner whether he/she wants to get more information about the use of the Cookies and of their possible uses – for instance by third parties – that have been made in this website.

Definition and legal references

Personal data (or Data)

A Data is anything correlated to any information concerning physical subject, identified or potentially identifiable, also indirectly by means of reference of any other information, including a personal id number.

Data use

Data use are information gathered automatically by this Application (or by third parties’ applications used by this Application), i.e.: IP addresses or names of PC users connecting to this Aplication, noice URI addresses (Uniform Rescource Identifier), the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the dimension of the file obtained in response, the alphanumerical code pointing the status of the server’s request (completed, error, ect.), the country of origin, browser’s and OS’s characteristics used by the User, various time connotations of the visit (the time of visit on each page) and the details relative to the itinerary followed in the Application, with particular attention to the sequence of the visited webpages, to the parameters of the OS and the informatics environment of the User.


The person using this Application must correspond to the person involved or has to be authorized; his/her Personal Data are subject of the treatment.

Person Involved

The physical or juridical person to whom the Personal Data refer to.

Responsible of the Data processing (or Responsible)

The physical, juridical person, the public administration and any other entity, association or organization charged by the User of the processing of Personal Data, according to the existing privacy policy.

This Application

The hardware or software which gather the Personal Data of the Users.


Small portions of data kept within the User’s device.

Legal References

Note to the European Users: this privacy informative has been created respecting the obligations declared by the Art. 10 of the Directive n. 95/46/CE, and on what has been decreed by the Directive 2002/58/CE, as updated by the Directive 2009/136/CE about the Cookie. This privacy informative concerns exclusively this Application. Last modification: 22 December 2015.